Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Footpath Surveys In Whicham Parish (2)

Today again in lovely sunshine we were back surveying the low level footpaths in Whicham parish. We parked further south than last week near Baystone Bank. This is view across the fields to Black Combe We walked over to Baystone Bank Reservoir which is right on the parish boundary. This is Knott Hill reflecting into it. And along the dam wall White Combe & Windy Knott also reflecting We have never seen empty 120mm Mortar Bomb boxes on a farm before. We hoped the farmer uses the empty boxes from the Eskmeals range rather than the bombs themselves on unsuspecting National Park volunteers.
This is marked on the map as a Filter Station but has long since been turned into someones home.
These geese were keen to say hello to the dogs, Crag was keener than Bess to say something back!
That's another 8 paths ticked off, the progress will slow when we have the higher level ones to complete in the coming weeks.

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