Friday, August 05, 2011

Fixed Point Photos From Near Black Sail

Today we were back at Ennerdale, we had planned to go high to take some more photos for the Wild Ennerdale archive but the clouds were on the tops so we decided to take some of the last lower level ones.
We parked up at Middle Bridge & headed for Black Sail, the mist sticking around Pillar Rock
The dogs as always keen to be chasing sticks & Bess has beaten Crag to this one
Just before Black Sail we reach a Ford in The Liza which is our first point
The panoramas from here
We cross The Liza at the ford so don't get to Black Sail on the North side of the valley but see it from the South side, somewhat dwarfed by Haystacks
We notice these strange looking mounds in the valley
Extending upto Green Gable
High Crag & Seat
The next two panoramas further down the valley
We then retrace our steps but rather than go back over the ford we continue on the south side of the valley which is a new track to us
Two more panoramas from further along the track
This is quite a menacing rockface on Pillar
And this boulder must have made some noise when it came down
This unnamed beck works its way down off Pillar
On the way back we parked up at Gillerthwaite YH & went down to a field near the field centre to take the last two pictures

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