Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Extended Walk Around Ennerdale Water

Yesterday we were back at Ennerdale, Andy on a work party, Karen taking some more photographs. The weather wasn't good enough to go up on the tops so Karen set off to complete the last of the low level pictures. We were walking in an area that is rarely walked, this muddy puddle must have frozen last winter & hasn't been touched since.
We are walking on forest roads that were constructed for logging on Bowness Knott (note Crag managed to get into this picture twice!)
It's a shame the cloud is down as you would get lovely views up the valley from here
There is so much fungi here, all shapes & colours
A tributary of Smithy Beck
Rather surprised to come across this rather old portacabin
We then walked down to join the Smithy Beck trail
"Our" bridge still standing strong
More fungi
At last we reach the lake
The weather deteriorated so this is the last picture as we reached Anglers Crag on our circuit of the lake

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