Sunday, July 03, 2011

Footbridge Surveys In Wasdale

On Wednesday we were at Wasdale completing some more footpath surveys. Strictly speaking we were completing Eskdale ones but the parish boundary runs along the bottom of the screes so anything scree-side is actually Eskdale parish. Looking down Wastwater with Great Gable at the end We have to walk along the lakeshore to get to where we are surveying so the dogs are straight in the water Rather a strange looking tree outside Wasdale Hall youth hostel The classic view that was voted Britain's best view in 2007 Then we start our climb on the first footpath up the banks of Whin Rigg
From here you can see the River Irt as it flows from Wastwater
Looking down on the fields below where a couple of tractors are collecting hay
There was a good stone footpath upto about 300m then it changed to a grassy slope to complete the second footpath survey
And once again as we drop down

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