Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New Signage At Ennerdale

Yesterday we were back at Ennerdale putting in some new signs with the new Wild Ennerdale logo on them. To the right of this tree there used to be a forestry commission one until a campervan ran it over & we were to replace the two rotten no entry signs in the distance to the valley. First we had to assemble the big sign
Andy with his new toy a post hole digger which helps excavate the soil.
We leave Chris to finish off the big sign whilst we set about removing these old ones & digging a hole for the new ones
The soil here is very stony so a planting spade is one of the best tools to use
Unfortunately we discovered this had been cemented in so after getting it out we had to fill the hole in and start again as the new signs are bigger & wouldn't fit in the gap.
We did complete the main sign though
We are back tomorrow to help with some more

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