Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Signage At Ennerdale .2.

Last Thursday we were back with Chris from the Forestry Commission continuing with the new signage installation. We set to work digging the hole & Andy has to climb in to inspect it!
Karen holding the new sign whilst Andy & Chris check it looks correct for approaching vehicles
Chris hanging onto the other one
Checking they line up correctly
Admiring our work now the postcrete has set, just need to fill the rest of the hole in with earth
The old signs had a no entry on them & we think these new ones should too as later in the day a 4x4 driver looking for Loweswater found us at Gillerthwaite completely unaware they shouldn't be down there
The finished job
By the field centre we had another sign to install
This was the tallest one so far & we had to dig down 2ft & yes the weather has changed
Crag helpfully wants a stick thrown
The new sign at the field centre, we left the old one there as it shows that there is a telephone there should it be needed
There is one more to put in at the youth hostel & some more to go in at Bleach Green

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