Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some More Dry Stone Walling

On Tuesday we were on a work party again repairing some dry stone wall. This wall had not fallen down over time but had been taken down by some 4x4 drivers who had decided they would play with their vehicles at the far end of the valley. They had got stuck so used some stones from the wall to get the vehicles going again. This area is a SSSI & they had no right to be there so we understand they will be prosecuted These are some of the tyre tracks they left This is the damage they left
Bernie & Karen worked on the wall whilst Andy laboured carrying infill to them
We try to get the biggest stones levelled, low down on the wall
Nearly finished, Bernie & Andy capping off & finishing the infill in the wall
Karen & Bernie proudly showing off the repaired wall
Lastly a picture from earlier in the week showing our nosey dogs who don't miss a thing that goes on out the front

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