Thursday, May 05, 2011

Oak Planting in Ennerdale

On Tuesday we were back in Ennerdale on a work party, this time planting Oak trees. It was yet another gorgeous day in the valley Looking up at Seat & Haystacks
It is quite late to be planting & some of the trees looked like they had been in storage for a while, but most of them had buds on them so were growing, the seven of us planted nearly 500 of them today.
Andy & Crag in the area we were planting in
Looking further up the valley with Great Gable in the distance
Looking Stead
For a change it was relatively flat where we were planting & as you got nearer to the River Liza the ground got softer & easier to plant in.
Not much water coming down the Liza today
These are the planting spade we use
Crag waiting for a stone to chase in the water
We have never been this far up the valley on the south side tracks. We passed this boulder on the way up in the vehicle & have seen it many a time from the other side of the valley. Karen wandered back to it during lunch.
In Memory Of Tom Wren 1913-1998. I can't find any information about him on the internet but can mind we were told his brother was Ike!
We thought for a joke a fake hand sticking out of the bottom would look fitting! & may explain where & who Tom Wren was
Beautiful views as Karen walks back to the work party
We stop at Irish bridge to take a panorama as the one we took last Thursday didn't come out correctly


Sean said...

I'm just starting off walking around the Western Lakes area, and love the Ennerdale valley - I couldn't walk it, and plant at the same time - you have my admiration!!


andre t said...

Tom Wren was my wonderfull grandad

andre t said...

Tom Wren was my wifes wonderfull grandad.

andre t said...

just to let you know Tom Wren was my wifes wonderfull grandad.