Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Lovely Walk Around Ennerdale Water

On Thursday we were dogsitting Katie, Lisa & Stuarts dog. It was again a lovely day so we decided to go for a walk around Ennerdale Water. No time is wasted in finding the water for the dogs. There was a little breeze but strangely some of the middle of the lake was still.
We also had some panoramic pictures to take so rather that just follow the lower path we took the higher route over Anglers Crag.
Views of the west end of the lake
Looking up the path to the summit of Anglers Crag
And looking down to the lakeshore path below
A panorama of the visible part of the lake
Zooming in on the pinnacles on Revelin Crag
The pinnacles & Crag Fell
Knock Murton in the distance
Herdus across the lake
Anglers Crag summit
Karen & the dogs
The fells to the north of the lake
Hazy views towards Pillar
Then the descent to the lakeshore path
Looking across the lake to Bowness Knott
Looking back at Anglers Crag
Back down on the lakeshore path again
This tree has recently come down on the path Looking back along where we have walked
Katie loves swimming to fetch sticks
Our next panoramic point
We are not just taking them for the views but to show the vegetation
We are now on the track at the east end of the lake looking west
Our next spot is by Irish Bridge
Where the dogs enjoy a dip in the Liza
Our last stop for the day is by Smithy Beck
A glimpse of Anglers Crag through the trees
Along the track we spot for the first time a grey squirrel. These posters are up all over the valley following the first case in Ennerdale of Red Squirrel Pox.
After Bowness Knott was drop back down to the lake. We both comment on what a striking blue it is.
Katie swimming we had hoped Crag might copy her, but no he doesn't do swimming
Anglers Crag across a glistening Ennerdale
Looking down towards Pillar & Steeple
Crag Fell
This is the footpath we repaired on Tuesdays work party
Back at the weir & it has been so dry that no water is coming over it.
Job done on Katie a quiet evening ahead for us
Job done on Bess
And on Crag
Katie later that evening
We had a lovely walk on a beautiful day in Ennerdale

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