Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Dry Stone Walling

On Tuesday we were on another work party repairing some walls. As last week we split into two groups, Andy & I were with Chris from the forestry commission. Andy begins by clearing some brambles from near the wall while Crag supervises. We then set to work taking the wall back removing all loose stones to get a flat base & sides to start from Bernie & Steve are with Malcolm from the forestry commission on another section
Karen working on our side with the help of Bess
What a beautiful "office" to be working in
Our section begins to take shape, Malcolm has come over to inspect
Getting higher
So is the other section
Lastly the capping stones need to go on the top
The other group are close to finishing their section too
Our finished wall from Chris's side, spot where he repaired?
We have to be away so this is the other group nearly finished, proud of their hard work
Karen & Chris showing off the side we worked on
Another rewarding days work with the added bonus of some sunshine

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