Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marsh Fritillry Butterfly

Last Friday Andy went to Mirehouse farm in Ennerdale to help plant 400 Scabious plants. These plants are the only thing that the caterpillars will feed on. Several years ago the last surviving Cumbrian pupae were taken to Scotland to try and save them but it was found that the gene pool had got too small and they could not survive. They were crossed with the Scottish butterfly and have gradually being reintroduced into Cumbria. This information was given to Andy by a member of the butterfly conservation group that were there on the day (Steve and Mollie). The trays of Scabious plants that we had to plant, the field that we were doing this is in is boggy , ideal habitat for them. Steve, Mollie & Sarah doing some planting. As is Bernie. We think this is a common lizard of which we saw a few in the field.

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