Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From Surveying to Building Bridges

Yesterday we were back at Ennerdale on a work party to finish off a footbridge that had been built by volunteers (not us we were away when they started it). The jobs to do were to fit 4 brackets to secure the bridge to the abutment, sand down the bridge & build up the sides of the path with rocks to stop the soil being washed away. Bernie drilling holes in the bridge whilst Andy is sanding away Karen is let loose with the power sander Dave, Steve, Karen & Bernie The lads collect big stones And like with the stone walling picking the best one for the spot Nearly finished Gareth came up to inspect our work & took the next two pictures of us all Bernie, Steve, Karen, Dave & Andy Steve has been with us for 3 months working hard for both Wild Ennerdale & the National Park work parties, but sadly this was his last work party as he is returning to St Albans next week, all the best Steve & hopefully we will see you again one day. (Appologies for the layout of the three posts we have put on today but it seems Blogspot is having a bad day!)

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