Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Footbridge Surveys In Broughton

On Monday we set off south to the parish of Broughton (near Coniston) to complete three footbridge surveys. Two of them were ones we did the last year, the other we should have done but couldn't park close. This time we parked up just over 1/2mile away from where the footpath meets to road & walked to it from there. The roads in this area near Broughton Mills are the narrowest we have come across so far with lots of hills & very few passing places. Looking across the valley with Caw in the distance Lind End farm, a steep descent down to it & the footbridge was at the bottom of the valley where the tree line is Lind End bridge A grand old bridge Looking up the River Lickle And down to a whirlpool under the bridge We then drove a short distance to walk to the next two. We are not sure why these have come up in March as we only did them in October, but they have. The Knott, when we were here before it was misty, but today was lovely The walk is 2miles on forest tracks Walna Scar we were surprised it is only a Wainwright outlier & not one of the main fells as it is 621m high Our next bridge And a suitable lunch spot And lastly Natty Bridge Karen stayed the other side of the fence with Crag as it is a steep drop off at the bridge Looking down those stones may well have been an old stone bridge that crossed lower down
It was a 4mile round trip to the bridges & we were soon glad to be back driving on the "big" roads again.

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