Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Wild Ennerdale Work Party

Today we were back at Ennerdale on a work party. When we arrived we split up, Andy went off with the work party to the archeology site whilst Karen set off to change to cards in the two wildlife cameras in the valley. The first camera had taken 98 pictures mostly at night on Thursday last week when we had really stormy weather. The camera had been slightly dislodged & we think some grass was blowing in front of it now causing all the pictures to be taken. The other camera had taken 6 pictures, 4 had Crag or us in it when we set it up, but this one taken after dark with a little imagination may suggest there was something about.

No questioning there is snow now on Pillar

And the other side of the valley, Red Pike & High Stile Steeple & Scoat Fell

Karen & Crag return to the archeology site where the work party have been busy diverting a stream that ran through it. The site is believed to date back to the 13th Century & was believed to have been inhabited for around 300 years Andy by the new diverted stream. The Secretary of State had to give permission for this to happen as it is a protected settlement & we had Eleanor the National Park's archaeologist supervising to ensure nothing was damaged

This took us to lunchtime so to fill the day we drove to Bleach Green to do some drain runs. It is very windy here & the water is pouring off the weir

There are several places on the path that have flooded so we dug a trench next to the flood to let the water drain off. Here's one before we started

And afterwards

The valley looks beautiful with a light dusting of snow

Bernie unblocking a plastic drain that runs under the path
The last rays of sunshine hit Bowness Knott
A good days work & hopefully we will get some better results when we return to the cameras next

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