Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Walk At Ennerdale

This morning we headed to Ennerdale to start the job of taking some of the panoramic photos for Wild Ennerdale to archive & then they can repeat the exercise in a number of years time to compare how the valley has changed. We had bought a lightweight tripod & found this made the job of taking the panoramas a lot easier. We need to pick good weather days to take these & today was absolutely beautiful Zooming in on Pillar & Karen is sure that is some snow up there? We have specific grid references to go to to take the pictures from. The first is this gate We are a reasonable distance from the lake here but part of the exercise is to capture the flora & fauna of the valley
This lonning leads back to the road at Broadmoor
The view as we get closer to the lake
Our favourite view of the lake & a great place for a dip
Our next spot was at the site of the Anglers Inn, but there were quite a few people there so we decided to try again on the way back. Looking back towards Bleach Green
And back along the shore we have just walked along
The next panorama from slightly further on looking west
Through the trees is Herdus
Bowness Knott
Then looking up at it from below
Holly & berries on this bush
Anglers Crag. The weather is set to turn later this afternoon & we think they have got it right as you can see the cloud bank approaching. There is so little wind at the moment that we shouldn't be troubled whilst we are here.
Karen was right (& Andy agreed) this is a light dusting of snow on Pillar (there was also some on High Stile)
We walk to Bowness Knott car park & then drop down to the lower lakeshore path for the next picture. Looking up at Bowness Knott
Mostly ferns here with along with a Silver Birch
Then looking up the valley
And back towards Bleach Green
We walk back to the Anglers Inn site & it is a lot quieter. The dogs play whilst we take the pictures
Up the lake
And where the Inn used to be located
Still playing
Some clouds have started to bubble in but you can see from the lake how little breeze is here
We had arrived just after 10am and the car park was nearly full, upon our return it was with loads of cars parked in the road too
Good to see so many people enjoying a beautiful place on a glorious day
4 down 46 to go, however these were easy low level pictures we have a few miles to walk to capture some of the more remote ones.

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