Monday, November 29, 2010

Our First Snows

On Saturday morning we awoke up to our first snow of the winter, however last night we had about 3-4inches of snow which was still settled this morning. We decided to go for a walk along the line towards Ennerdale, this looking up towards Bowthorn Farm. The footpath from Sanderson Park to the line The dogs both really enjoying their new white world Our first views across to the Ennerdale Fells with some cloud gathering behind
The snow resting on the trees
Crag returning a rather snowy stick
Not worn out yet though
One of the C2C signs along the line
Zooming in on the Ennerdale Fells where the cloud is dropping further
The sheep searching for grass beneath the snow
Guess who has just been rolling in the snow? (Bess was the same but wouldn't pose for the camera)
Our last view of the fells
And back home & the snow in the garden, Crag checking out if his friend the terrier Skip is out to play too
Not from tonight but a rare picture from last week after we took them to Longlands having a sleep together on the sofa
PS it's snowing again now as Bess & Crag model having just come in from the garden

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David & Adrian said...

Great pics, particularly like the one of Crag after he's been rolling in the snow, he looks like he's modeling !