Friday, May 07, 2010

Sineytarn Moss

Today we headed back to Eskdale armed with the GPS to try to find the bridge that we couldn't find a couple of weeks ago. To make it a different walk we decided to park at Miterdale & do a loop incorporating the bridge. Looking down at Eskdale. A farmer in his field with Great Bank behind. There was a little over 100m ascent, but we skirted round these crags on Fell End Quite high ground to graze cattle on
Whin Rigg, Illgill Head & Sca Fell in the distance (with one small patch of snow still on)
Whin Rigg & Illgill Head, we climbed those from the same parking spot in March 2007
The postman has a long drive through the valley to reach Low Place farm. Our route back was to the farm & then along the valley
We confirmed with the GPS that we were in the right place & no bridge so our compass navigating proved to be correct
Then a steep descent to the farm
Looking back at where we had come down, the surface was poor, either quite boggy or uneven turf, you could tell the cows had done a reasonable amount of damage to this field in the past.
And back up at Fell End where we had also walked
A reasonably short walk for us, but a good run for the dogs & that is the Eskdale bridge surveys completed.

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