Friday, February 20, 2015

A Patrol Around Mellbreak

Today we did a patrol which we have done a couple of times before, it is a walk around Mellbreak.
Mellbreak as we start, we think this is one of those “perfect” shaped mountains
We start by walking up a walled track
Before the path opens up into pretty desolate moorland
The Mosedale Holly Tree stands alone
A panorama
Come on humans we know the way (Dizzy has never walked this but has worked out that gates are for going through)
Crummock Water comes into view, we will walk most of the southern shore to get back
Crag’s waiting for a stick as Andy & Dizzy go ahead
Fleetwith Pike which is at the end of Buttermere
Loads of frogspawn in the pools here
We look back & see a storm brewing, it’s one of those that just appear in the mountains, the wind was from the west so this should have passed over us, however we remained dry whilst those to the east of us got wet
It disappears as quickly as it formed
“Bat Ears” & Crag with his tongue stuck out
Looking back at Rannerdale Knotts & the bad weather behind us.

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