Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Beautiful Weekend of Weather

Last weekend I think we had the best weather in the UK, we had two days of wall to wall sunshine so we made the most of it with a couple of walks.
On Saturday we headed over to Loweswater, the route we walked is one of the patrol walks we have done a few times in the past, but today we were just going for a walk.
We set off on the track for an extended loop around one side of the lake
We last walked this in July last year & this fingerpost was broken & lying on the ground, it’s satisfying that the jobs we report do get done.
As we climb up Loweswater comes into view
Crag as always never misses an opportunity for a splash in a beck
Whiteside & Grasmoor (where we would walk on Sunday)
A panorama of the view
Dizzy & Crag
Down by the lakeshore & there is not a breath of wind
Sunday & we do one of the patrols we have, this is Whiteside from a bit closer
And Grasmoor
Lovely to see all the snowdrops out
Ouch, you wouldn’t have wanted to be around when this came down
Loweswater Fell which surprisingly is not a Wainwright
Now a few other random photos, Crag looking a little disgruntled that Dizzy has decided to lie on the mat whilst he is looking out the window
The floor was being cleaned so the bed was on the settee, she will sleep anywhere
Two sleeping doggies in the evening
It’s been a long day (note his tongue!)
Sticking out the front this time
Taking up much of the settee (you can see how much she has grown)
She could sleep on a washing line
Lastly we tried her in the boot with Crag when we returned from Ennerdale yesterday, she has stopped slobbering when she sits in the front, guess she will have to get used to travelling in the back.

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