Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Last Couple Of Weeks

Just a few pictures & short clips from the past couple of weeks.

Crag is far more accepting of Dizzy now, they are often seen asleep close to each other


But sometimes a rest on her own in some ridiculous positions is needed


Watching the TV is still popular


Together again


And on her own on the sofa


On Sunday she was allowed out for her first walk so we took them both to Ennerdale.  At first it was a disaster as she refused to walk just stubbornly sitting & not wanting to get moving.  Karen carried her & tried on several occasions to get her going but no “I am not going to walk on the lead”.  We walked to where there was a bit of a beach & Crag could play in The Lake, Karen put her down & this time she decided to go for a bit of a wander.  The following are a few short clips from the walk (we weren’t brave enough to let her off the lead as she isn’t great on recall if she is distracted by something else)








She met loads of people & dogs all of which she greeted as if they were long lost friends & more importantly this walk resulted in a few hours of sleep


We walked her on Monday from home & she wasn’t too worried about vehicles passing & all the other noises she came across

On Tuesday we went back to Ennerdale & it was much quieter so we braved her off the lead for short periods & yes she didn’t run away, much to the fact she was following Crag around & calling him back meant we could catch her



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