Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Snowy Walk Up Dent & a few other pictures

To say that Dizzy has settled in is an understatement & she loves sitting with us on the setee


Even Crag has started sleeping on the furniture


Last Thursday there was some snow on Dent so we set off to try to find some, Dizzy hiding behind some grass waiting to pounce on Crag as he passed


We don’t have to climb too high before we find some of the white stuff


Crag was very happy to have found some & Dizzy just took it in her stride


Crag soon remembered how he loved to roll about in it



The path was very distinct as it was where most of the snow was


Soon we are at the summit cairn, Crag looks like he is smiling!



We don’t stay very long as it is cold


The sun hides behind some cloud and is also reflected in the sea


A panorama of the fells

 IMG_0856 (2) 

We dropped down into Nannycatch as we had some footbridges to survey, Dizzy’s first narrow plank bridge


Still not interested in water, she looks down on Crag in the beck


A short clip of them running about at Cogra Moss on Sunday

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