Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Snowy Walk Up Dent & a few other pictures

To say that Dizzy has settled in is an understatement & she loves sitting with us on the setee


Even Crag has started sleeping on the furniture


Last Thursday there was some snow on Dent so we set off to try to find some, Dizzy hiding behind some grass waiting to pounce on Crag as he passed


We don’t have to climb too high before we find some of the white stuff


Crag was very happy to have found some & Dizzy just took it in her stride


Crag soon remembered how he loved to roll about in it



The path was very distinct as it was where most of the snow was


Soon we are at the summit cairn, Crag looks like he is smiling!



We don’t stay very long as it is cold


The sun hides behind some cloud and is also reflected in the sea


A panorama of the fells

 IMG_0856 (2) 

We dropped down into Nannycatch as we had some footbridges to survey, Dizzy’s first narrow plank bridge


Still not interested in water, she looks down on Crag in the beck


A short clip of them running about at Cogra Moss on Sunday

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Last Couple Of Weeks

Just a few pictures & short clips from the past couple of weeks.

Crag is far more accepting of Dizzy now, they are often seen asleep close to each other


But sometimes a rest on her own in some ridiculous positions is needed


Watching the TV is still popular


Together again


And on her own on the sofa


On Sunday she was allowed out for her first walk so we took them both to Ennerdale.  At first it was a disaster as she refused to walk just stubbornly sitting & not wanting to get moving.  Karen carried her & tried on several occasions to get her going but no “I am not going to walk on the lead”.  We walked to where there was a bit of a beach & Crag could play in The Lake, Karen put her down & this time she decided to go for a bit of a wander.  The following are a few short clips from the walk (we weren’t brave enough to let her off the lead as she isn’t great on recall if she is distracted by something else)








She met loads of people & dogs all of which she greeted as if they were long lost friends & more importantly this walk resulted in a few hours of sleep


We walked her on Monday from home & she wasn’t too worried about vehicles passing & all the other noises she came across

On Tuesday we went back to Ennerdale & it was much quieter so we braved her off the lead for short periods & yes she didn’t run away, much to the fact she was following Crag around & calling him back meant we could catch her



Monday, January 05, 2015


Last week we got a new addition to our family an 8 week & 2 day old border collie which we have called Dizzy.  She came from a farm in Distington which is about 8 miles from here & both parents are working dogs on the farm.  She was born on Halloween (enough said) as her enthusiasm for life & mischief makes us wonder if she is possessed.
Her face is a tale of two halves, her left side is very similar to Crag
However her right side makes her look more like a Staffy
A couple of clips of Crag & Dizzy, he was not very enthusiastic about her arrival

She has quickly found the toy box & loves playing with all of them
It is full on or full off with her
To get an idea of her size against the sky remote
She loves being on the settee with us
We have no problem getting her to eat
And she enjoys a game of tug toy
And when dinner is gone she starts on Crags bone
Before getting comfy on Karens foot
This is a game that has to be stopped, she is obsessed with footwear, we can’t leave a slipper / trainer etc on the floor as it disappears to her bed

The next evening getting comfy on Karens leg
Chewing the bone on her bed
Every toy she plays with eventually gets carried to the bed so once she has everything on it we then move all the toys back into the dining room & it starts all over again.
We daren't leave her at home at the moment as we really don’t know to what we would return, not only does every toy need to be chewed, cables, curtains, cushions etc. are also fair game.
We went out for a pint on New Years Day, here she is getting used to the pub
I think she is relaxed here
Crag keeping an eye on her
Even when she is asleep Crag is still watching
Finally she is quite interested in the TV, here we are watching a wildlife programme & Dizzy is really interested at what is on the screen
Because of her vaccinations it is 2 – 3 weeks before we can take her out for a walk so think of us & the mayhem that will continue for at least that time. She really seems to have a great nature to her and to think it was only a very short time ago she had lived her whole life in a barn, we think she has settled in very well.
Welcome to your new home Dizzy