Thursday, April 23, 2015

A walk around Loweswater

On Monday we drove the short distance to park at Fangs Brow, I dont think we have ever driven past this spot and never seen a car parked there.

We followed the path towards the bottom of Burnback Fell.


Looking back at the car.


Our first view of Loweswater.




A couple of panoramic views.






The tarn below Black Crag


A couple of views of Mellbrek, it doesn't look as imposing as it does from the Kirkstile inn.




Looking down into the valley where we would be walking shortly.


The dogs having a well earned cooling off.


Thankfully they havnt invented smello vision!!



We are getting to be dry stone walling Geeks. This rebuild was just brilliant and they still had about 100 metres to go.




It must have taken an age just to dismantle it, they even sorted the stones as they went along. OCD me thinks!!




Walking towards the lake now, the path we came on is just above the tree level.


New info boards.


Any chance they get they are in the water.


There has been a lot of felling here and they are leaving these beautiful Oak trees


Past the lake now.


There are so many lambs about now.




If you look carefully you can see bonnie Scotland in the distance. We hope to get over this year to climb some fells.


A 2.5 hour walk and they we were both nicely tired.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dizzy’s First Wainwright: Crag Fell

Yesterday we wanted to collect some more kindling & decided to combine that with a walk.  We felt it appropriate that Dizzy’s first Wainwright should be the same one as Crag’s & conveniently we could walk it from where we collected the kindling!
Crag was just over 3 weeks older than Dizzy is now when he climbed his first Wainwright, here he is & any fears about her grown size may be unnecessary as you can see he is definitely bigger than she is at the moment. (Both her parents were his size so she shouldn’t grow any bigger)  
On the work party two weeks ago we put three smaller fence posts in to stop whoever it is taking stone from the quarry here as it is both illegal & making the quarry rather unstable.  Today one has been ripped out & the other two have been loosened, back to the drawing board on that one.
We start with a steep ascent of the forest
Looking back, the picture doesn’t really show how steep it actually was
The first views of Ennerdale Water
To the bottom right is the new course of Ben Gill that was dug last year, it’s only however when we have had a lot of rain that any water flows through it as it seems to prefer its old course
The winding path to the left was another volunteer job last year to enable a short wheelchair accessible route to be taken at the lake
Looking down on The Mill & where the River Ehen has flooded, we were doing the footbridge survey there a couple of weeks ago, you wouldn’t get across today
The first view of Crag Fell & yes there is a little bit of snow up there
Revelin Crag
Now to cross Ben Gill
When we walked it on Crags first fell walk Bess & Katie both enjoyed playing in the pools, there is far too much water coming over it today for that
Dizzy has to be lifted over as she still doesn’t like going into water of any depth
Now to that “little” bit of snow




Dizzy certainly enjoys playing in it

Crag has kept hold of this stick for much of the walk & in fact kept it until we reached Ben Gill on our return
Looking down on Ennerdale Water again
Our first view of the summit cairn, not far to go now
The wind really picks up the higher we get, we would have loved to know the wind chill as it was baltic.
So just the one picture, Dizzy on Crag Fell (523m), 213 to go! (she will unfortunately not finish them with us as a few of the fells we did last year we vowed we would not be returning to!)
On the way up she needed a lot of encouragement to cross this beck, none was needed on the way back
The day was always forecast to get better, we unfortunately set off a little too early as it was blue skies when we returned to the bottom
A very nice fell walk, Dizzy took it all in her stride & would have carried on for a few more yesterday but we don’t want to over do it with her, she has shown she is very much at home fell walking with us.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Patrol Around Mellbreak

Today we did a patrol which we have done a couple of times before, it is a walk around Mellbreak.
Mellbreak as we start, we think this is one of those “perfect” shaped mountains
We start by walking up a walled track
Before the path opens up into pretty desolate moorland
The Mosedale Holly Tree stands alone
A panorama
Come on humans we know the way (Dizzy has never walked this but has worked out that gates are for going through)
Crummock Water comes into view, we will walk most of the southern shore to get back
Crag’s waiting for a stick as Andy & Dizzy go ahead
Fleetwith Pike which is at the end of Buttermere
Loads of frogspawn in the pools here
We look back & see a storm brewing, it’s one of those that just appear in the mountains, the wind was from the west so this should have passed over us, however we remained dry whilst those to the east of us got wet
It disappears as quickly as it formed
“Bat Ears” & Crag with his tongue stuck out
Looking back at Rannerdale Knotts & the bad weather behind us.