Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Completion of The Eastern Fells

Today we completed the final fell in Wainwright’s Eastern Fells book.
We parked at Dunmail Raise which gave us the advantage of being at 226m to start off with.
The first part of the walk was parallel with the A591 along a grassy path
Looking up at the fell, rather than go directly at it the route we have chosen follows Raise Beck
The path keeps drifting in and out of the sunshine
We need to climb up to the skyline before turning right for the final 160m of height
Looking back the road seems a long way down now
Crag is very happy we are following a beck and he climbs up via the beck for much of the walk
And waits for stones to be thrown whenever there is a pool of water
The path flattens out & we know we will be turning right shortly
To our left is Dollywagon Pike
And this is what we have left to climb
Grisedale Tarn comes into view, we have walked to it before but then headed for Ullswater
We are nearly at the top now, looking back
A panorama from the summit, the tarn is Grasmere, to the eagle eye Windermere & Coniston are also visible (it’s a bit hazy in the photograph)
And looking north-east, Ullswater is just visible.  You can also see Helvellyn & Fairfield from here
Seat Sandal (736m)
It was just a there & back walk today so we retrace our steps back
It got really windy whist we were on the summit & you can just see the waves it is making on Grisdale Tarn
A very nice 3 hour walk & we are into single figures now for our Wainwright’s

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