Saturday, July 12, 2014

Camping in Langdale & our 200th Wainwright

This week we were away again, this time to one of our favourite campsites in Great Langdale.

The tent is pitched with more stunning scenery around us


Continuing our blogs of lorries in strange places, Argos came and made a delivery?


Looking up at the fell we plan to climb the next day, we can make a circular walk of it by approaching it to the right, climbing it from the other side & coming down this side


The campsite is to the left of road, a panorama of the view


The next morning we start our walk into Oxendale, towards Stool End Farm, our fell is the one to the left


Off the road now & onto a track


The bridge is hardly needed to cross Oxendale Beck it is so dry


Looking up at Crinkle Crags


Now we start our ascent


We are soon high above the beck


Looking across the valley to The Langdale Pikes


Fix the Fells have been busy up here as it is a very well made path


Crinkle Crags & Bow Fell


Great Knott


The last push up to a short flat section


Red Tarn comes into view, it’s nice when you get a flat section to stretch your legs a bit.


We hope we can now see the summit & this is our last climb


We are right & we have made it to the top.  Zooming in on the campsite you can see our tent (just left below the centre)


The summit cairn & shelter


A panorama of the view, again this is stunning 360degree views up here


Looking down on Great Langdale


Windermere in the distance


Pike of Blisco (705m)


Crinkle Crags & Bow Fell


Then we start our descent looking down on Langdale


Another well marked path, we can see it all the way back down to the road



And we are nearly off


Lots of rabbits running free on the site, Crag wasn’t quite sure what to make of them


There’s hardly a cloud in the sky except for these two strange ones


We have now walked all the Langdale fells, so to get us another new one we stopped near Grasmere on the way home.  It wasn’t a particularly high one, but it was going to be a steep 400m height gain to the summit.


Grasmere lake begins to come into view behind us


The path is very good, although the ferns are trying to encroach onto it


We come out of the trees, looking down on Grasmere


At last the summit slabs come into view


A bit of a scramble to the summit


The fell in the distance is Pike of Blisco which we were up the day before


Stone Arthur (505m) our 200th Wainwright


For a small fell the view packs a good punch


There is no circular route so we descend back along the same path


It’s been a fab summer so far, long may this glorious weather continue….

Monday, July 07, 2014

Slight Side

At the weekend Tony, Allan, Brian, Gabby & Roo were camping at Nether Wasdale & invited us to join them.  The weather forecast (& indeed the weather) was awful for Friday so we decided to go over on Saturday morning.
The walk they were doing was one we had done before, but there was a fell in Eskdale we still had to climb so we headed to the campsite.  Tony & crew hadn’t left when we arrived so we said our hello’s, put the small tent up & then headed off in our different directions for a days walk.
The rain the day before meant the falls on Whillan Beck were very impressive.
It was again about a 10 mile walk & we could see the fell for most of the walk in.
We head to Eel Tarn
Then past Stony Tarn with Harter Fell in the background (the other one to the one we climbed the week before)
The cloud is just catching Sca Fell, we are heading to the fell on the right
It lifts as we get a little closer
It’s one of those fells that don’t seem to get closer as we walk
The path has been quite vague for much of it
The route has been quite gentle until this point, we now have 300m of steep ascent to the summit
Looking back down the scree slope we have climbed
Lots of little tarns below us, giving an idea of how wet it had been underfoot
A bit of a scramble to the summit
Eel Tarn looks a long way away from here
The nearly summit photo, it was a bit blowy on top, Slight Side (748m)
We retrace our steps, Crag manages to find a stick in this barren landscape & wants it thrown for about the next 20 mins
A shortcut, not really too many ferns, a diversion is found
We had a couple of footbridges to survey,  you are about a mile from the road here, I guess Tesco don’t make a great profit on this!
Back at the tent, just the small one this time, but a stunning location again
And we have a worn out boy
Great to catch up with Tony & his crew & a good evening was had by all.