Wednesday, May 02, 2012

4 Nights At Kenmore

Last week we went to Kenmore in Scotland again, this time we were joined by Anne & Ian.

We have only been in the winter months before & thought that April was later there would be no snow, however we were wrong - Ben Lawers with a good coating of snow

The Kenmore Hotel (Scotland's oldest Inn)

On Monday afternoon we went for a walk in the grounds of Taymouth Castle

Back at the house the ducks were frequent visitors on the balcony

Tuesday morning & we awoke to it snowing

The ground was covered by a dusting of snow

We went for a walk in the forest behind the house

A gap in the trees looking down on Kenmore


The Kenmore hotel reflecting in the River Tay

Kenmore bridge

More fungi

This framed plaque is where Robert Burns wrote on the wall of the Kenmore Inn in 1787

Outside and a brilliant carving, this was created by Iain Chalmers, titled "bear necessities" & won the Carve Carrbridge competition in 2010

On Wednesday we set off to Black Rock which is a viewpoint in the forest high above Kenmore

We experienced all seasons last week, some sunshine today

Looking down on Kenmore

Zooming in on where we were staying

The salmon farm

The crannog centre

On Thursday we travelled over to Aberfeldy, this is its bridge over the River Tay

The Black Watch monument at Aberfeldy

We then set off up the walk The Birks of Aberfeldy

Where Robert Burns was inspired to write

There are various waterfalls on the route

We reach the spot where Robert Burns wrote the poem "The birks of Aberfeldy"

We then climbed higher up to the Falls of Monnes 

We had a lovely week marred only by the car breaking down on the M9 near Stirling, here we are getting towed off the motorway

Here's the car on the back of a transporter in Falkirk

And here it is being swapped to another one in Carlisle

We can't fault the RAC as they were very efficient in getting us back, it was the water pump that had gone & our local garage sorted it out on the Monday & she is up and running again!