Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tuesday's Work Party

On Tuesday we were on our weekly work party. Andy was tree planting on Heckbarley whilst Karen & Crag went to take another fixed point panorama.
Heckbarley has been stripped of its conifers in the past couple of years
Karen & Crag follow the forest track up, Crag Fell ahead, we will not get to the summit but go around it to meet the wall that runs along the top of the south side of the lake.
In the shade here are some small patches of snow, Crag wastes no time & goes for a roll in it.
Then the fells to the north side of Ennerdale come into view
We have reached the wall & with no trees here an old fence post has to do as a stick
The wall runs for 6miles along the top
Looking back to where we have walked
Ahead of us Caw Fell, our photo needs to be taken in the dip before the snow line
This is the location where 3 walls meet
The first panorama
And the second
On the way back tufts of grass become "sticks"
We stop for lunch using the wall as a shelter from the wind
Before retracing our steps back
Some conifers do still exist on Heckbarley
And back on the forest track again
And down to the area that Andy & the other volunteers are planting trees. See the trees on the skyline
Zooming in, that is typical Cumbria the trees leaning to the East

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