Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karen's Surprise Birthday With The Girls

Last Saturday the girls had planned a surprise day for Karen's birthday, all Karen knew was that she was being picked up at 7:45. Unfortunately at the last minute Dawn couldn't make it so it was with Leslie & Joyce, here they are choosing breakfast in Wetherspoons (a first time for all of us)
Karen then was told that she was getting a train to Carlisle, Joyce having the first of the day at Carlisle station
Now we are on a train bound for Edinburgh & the nibbles come out along with the bubbly
And here we are at Edinburgh Waverley station
We had left Cumbria in the bright sunshine, but the mist was down in Edinburgh
The city centre is still in chaos as the tram lines are still being laid
The Scott Memorial
Next we get on a city sightseeing bus
An exhibition in St. Andrew Square
The Rutland Bar & Hotel with it's cow leaping from the first floor
Edinburgh Castle
The Frankenstein bar
It's too misty to see the top of Arthur's Seat
Holyrood Palace & the Scotish Parliment
Now we are off the bus we head up the Royal Mile
And to the first pint of the day
St Giles cathedral
We then go to Mary King's Close which is an underground labyrinth of streets that were inhabited in the 17th Century (you couldn't take any pictures in there). And up at street level similarly narrow streets
We have a pint in Wetherspoons before heading to Hard Rock Cafe, the mist has come down even more
In Hard Rock Cafe we have a delicious assortment of starters, Caesar salad & chips
Leslie, Karen & Joyce
Oops Joyce caught Karen taking this one!
But not this one, it's been a long day!!!!!
What a fabulous day & thanks to the girls for organizing it so well

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