Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Work Parties

Just a few pictures from last weeks work party & todays. Last week for a change we were putting up a fence rather than removing one. The reason was they want to keep the two herds of Galloway's separate. Where we parked we were greeted by one herd who thought we were the farmer coming to feed them.
It was a cold & frosty morning
But it promised to be a lovely day once the sun reached us
We were "recycling" fencing we had taken down in another part of the valley
So how many volunteers does it take to put up a fence? We are getting more than a dozen each week which is great
Today was a grey day, but with no wind so the lake looked great
Until someone decided to cause some ripples
We are planting Juniper in the same area that Countryfile filmed us a couple of weeks ago, the valley doesn't look so stunning today as a lot of the snow has melted & the cloud is down
It's not a great surface to work on (it's a big area you can see two volunteers on the skyline)
Andy planting
Crag however prefers to play/flirt with Barbara's female dog Lou
A different angle of the valley
From here you can just make out some of the western end of the lake
We had finished with time to spare so set about freeing some of the debris that had collected under Irish bridge
Unfortunately as this wasn't a planned job the forestry commission lads hadn't put a chainsaw in, so after clearing some of it we gave in & they will return tomorrow to finish off with chainsaws
Two really enjoyable days with great company

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