Thursday, February 02, 2012

Countryfile Come To Ennerdale

Yesterday BBC's Countryfile Team came to Ennerdale again to film various stories from the valley. They are doing a special Wild Britain episode which will air on Sunday 19th February & one of the stories involved us volunteers planting Juniper on Bowness Knott.
We were driven up to the planting site which boasts a stunning view of the valley. After deciding where we were to plant there was a lot of waiting around for the camera team & Ellie Harrison to arrive.
We were parked up by the site of an old quarry
There were 7 volunteers & 3 paid forestry or N.T. people planting
A panorama of the valley, Ellie commented "WOW what a view" when she got out of the car
Looking down on Ennerdale Water
We are all waiting to start planting
Whilst Crag had sticks thrown for him, believe it or not he did keep finding the right stick
The camera team & Ellie reach us
And we are still waiting as she has some lines to do first
And yes Karen got interviewed again, whether they will use it we don't know
Look to the left of Ellie Crag has decided she can throw a stick for him
It's there Ellie, come on throw it
Whilst the camera is still rolling she talks to him that she will throw it but he'll never find it, however she throws it to where a cameraman has left a tripod so it can't be used.
Crag then proceeds to butt in on the next interview, if they show John's interview you may hear him whining at Ellie to throw the stick, unlike Bess he is far from camera shy.
After the filming was finished a group photo of us all
It was a good fun afternoon & again the BBC were all very friendly & we are so glad the weather made the valley look extra special yesterday

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