Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cogra Moss

Today we went for a walk at Cogra Moss. We invited Benny & Shadow, Benny couldn't make it but dropped Shaddow round so we took her. Blake Fell to the left has a dusting of snow on. Our first view of the lake Zooming in on Blake Fell Scotland in the distance
Up on the top path & we have gained most of the height for the day
The whole of Cogra Moss is in view up here
You wouldn't come up here in a really windy day, lots of fallen trees in the forest
Then you turn a corner & the view opens up again
Back down on the ground again & we have nearly completed our circuit
This picture was taken yesterday when we took Crag for a walk along the cycle track. We think it is a halo, a small rainbow in the sky, we saw it for about 20mins before it faded away

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Gareth Browning said...

Great views of Cogra Moss, glad you enjoyed your visit, thanks for sharing. Gareth