Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cogra Moss

Today we went for a walk at Cogra Moss. We invited Benny & Shadow, Benny couldn't make it but dropped Shaddow round so we took her. Blake Fell to the left has a dusting of snow on. Our first view of the lake Zooming in on Blake Fell Scotland in the distance
Up on the top path & we have gained most of the height for the day
The whole of Cogra Moss is in view up here
You wouldn't come up here in a really windy day, lots of fallen trees in the forest
Then you turn a corner & the view opens up again
Back down on the ground again & we have nearly completed our circuit
This picture was taken yesterday when we took Crag for a walk along the cycle track. We think it is a halo, a small rainbow in the sky, we saw it for about 20mins before it faded away

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bess 9/8/00 - 23/1/12

On Monday we tragically lost our "little girl" Bess. She died after a short & sudden illness which we believe was caused by a liver tumour. We can't believe how quickly it all happened, she was her normal self only two weeks before. We have dusted off the photo albums from her first few years & here are a few. Her first night with Karen & yes we both look a lot younger
She even used to sleep on her back like Crag does now
In a variety of places
From an early age she had a taste for a hot curry (yes that is Chicken Madras)
Her first of many walking weekends. This was also the first time she was off lead walking around Llyn Idwal with Peter & Malcolm
Her first of many snowy winters, she always loved playing in the snow
2001 & the first time she was at Ennerdale
And playing with a frisbee on Seascale beach
Then along came her "cousin" Charlie who she had many years of walks with
Her first time up Snowdon (I think she climbed it 4 times, along with Ben Nevis twice & Scafell Pike several times)
She even had Crags one ear up, one down trait
A camping trip to the New Forest where we had a few too many in the local
And that wasn't to be the last time she was on Kiran's shoulders, this is the descent from Tryfan where she got scared & wouldn't go down
She soon overame her mountain fears & climbed in excess of 160 Wainwrights after moving up to Cumbria in 2006.
She is desperately missed by all three of us & its a tragedy she left us so young, but a blessing she didn't suffer

Friday, January 13, 2012

Footpath Surveys At Ennerdale

Today the weather was gorgeous (for the first time in a long time) so we headed to Ennerdale to complete three more footpath surveys. It was one of the cold, crisp & sunny days, the temperature barely above freezing as you can see the frost on this gate where we started Into the trees Plenty of water coming down Woundell Beck
Looking back on where we have walked
As we get higher we catch a glimpse of the lake again
We are climbing up a steep bank looking down on the lake
We are on our descent & we come around a corner to be presented with this impressive "surprise" view along the length of Ennerdale Water
The descent is a steep one, not helped by the fact the sun is too low to melt the ice off the rocks here
The sun catches the top of the conifers
Almost down to the valley floor again
A partially frozen Moss Dub
Great to get some good weather & be able to get out into Ennerdale & enjoy it

Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year we were at home for Christmas, sharing it with Karen's parents. The weather was poor so we didn't get far, just a few walks along the cycle track. Here Bess is demonstrating her latest trick walking on two legs! The bridge at Moor Row The dogs enjoying the water here
Andy, Karen & Ian
And after a good walk a good rest by the fire is needed
Our Christmas tree
It;s Christmas day & the dog that has the cream
Time to open the presents, Bess is keen to see what Santa has bought her this year
A new toy
Mmmmm treats
Christmas dinner
We had a lovely time with Anne & Ian, it's a shame the weather wasn't better & we could have gone further