Wednesday, December 07, 2011

This weeks work party at Ennerdale.

Yesterday Andy went on the weekly work party, we have had some snow at home but more have fell on the fells. Today we were to clear small trees that were obstructing signs or could cause damage to vehicles. Crag Fell with some snow on the upper slopes.
Looking down the lake towards Steeple and Haycock.
Zooming in on the summit of Steeple.
The volunteers having a quick cuppa and Crag with his new friend Leo. Amazing how tired he was last night, well he did spend 5 hours chasing a cute girl!!
Looking North-West to Cogra Moss.
Crag Fell.
Andy tried to take a panoramic picture and discovered a new bay at Ennerdale!! Needs more practice methinks.
There was much discussion about this Hawthorne tree, some wanted it left alone, some wanted it trimmed. You turn your back for 2 seconds and Bernie and Malcolm chopped it all down.
Its very prickly.
Pillar being that bit higher had more snow.
Bernie playing peek a boo, think you would need a giant redwood for that.
Summit of Pillar
We will be back there next week to continue walking the road to clear any obstructions.

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