Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Footpath Surveys

Last Sunday & today Karen & Crag have been completing more footpath surveys. Sundays walk was over near Croasdale, this is looking down on the hamlet with Knock Merton in the background. Today included a footpath that we knew was going to be awful so Andy was quite glad to stay at home. The first footpath is a good track that takes you into the Calder valley, a very hazy Whoap in the distance
Heckbarley with very few trees left on it
Now the fun part, the path should follow the River Calder for about 1 1/2miles, however it is so boggy it is impossible to stay near the river. It isn't a very well used path so there are no clear marks on the ground where the alternative path goes, you just have to pick your way through some very boggy ground. In no time you have filled your boots so it was a case of trying to just plough through it
We give up trying to stay low & start to climb up Latter Barrow to find some drier ground
The sheep aren't stupid around here they don't venture down to the lower ground & up here there are good sheep tracks that contour us round on dry ground
We eventually finish that path & are back on better paths, it is so remote here & we didn't see a soul all day.
Looking down on the River Calder
Then we have a walk back on the Cold Fell Road
Glad we have got those done & there were dry shoes & socks in the car!

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