Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Walk With An Archaeologist

On Tuesday instead of our usual workparty the volunteers met up with a National Trust archaeologist to go for a walk to one of the more remote sites in the valley.
We started from the far end of the lake soon climbing high up above the tree line.A glimpse of the lake with Great Borne & Starling Dodd on the horizon
There is a footpath through the heather, but it was pretty rough underfoot
We had no idea how far we were all going, in fact we were almost going to the summit of Haycock (the skyline)
And we reach the settlement, a little imagination is needed here, but it is believed these were summer settlements used from the 12th century
Alpine Clubmoss growing between the stones
One of the larger dwellings
And a smaller one which has survived well over the years
Climbing up on a rock to get a better view from above
And from the rock looking down
Our last site is a strange one that looks as if a chimney through the rock face has been incorporated into it
And then we set off back down
It was an interesting day & we managed to do one of the footpath surveys as well.

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