Sunday, October 02, 2011

Two Walks At Ennerdale

Last Monday we went for a walk at Ennerdale with Andy's mum who was staying with us for a few days.
Andy & his mum on the bridge by the weir
A panorama of the valley
Pillar in the distance
A new patch of the path is getting flooded, that is likely to be a workparty in the future
Mountain rescue come over very low
On Friday we collected the footpath surveys for Ennerdale from one of the rangers. It was a gorgeous day so we decided to start some of them & walk around the lake. The sun is so much lower this time of the year that the south side was in shade for much of it.
As we climb Anglers Crag we are back in the sun
Time to cool off in the lake
This tree has come down since our last walk around
Andy looks enviously at the logs that have been cut from it
The only problem on the walk, this handrail needs replacing
Someone has kindly climbed over the stone wall here & damaged it
A peacock butterfly
And a small tortoiseshell

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