Monday, October 17, 2011

Footpath Surveys by the River Liza

Last Thursday we were back doing some more footpath surveys in Ennerdale. We parked at Gillerthwaite & headed off on a loop of part of the valley. Not many pictures as it is an area we are very familiar with. We walked the Liza path which our work parties have spent a lot of time clearing & bettering the drainage. This however is a bigger problem than we can tackle with the tools we have. The damage was done in November 2009 & you can see from this picture taken in Feb 2010 that the water levels in the beck have further shifted the bridge The continual erosion by the River Liza means this island many not be here for much longer as you can see the water pouring through it.
The dogs enjoy a play whilst we have our lunch
Andy clears this drain of leaves, the dogs think it is a game to catch them as they fall
It wasn't the longest walk, but by the evening: JOB DONE!

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