Saturday, October 08, 2011

Footbridge Surveys in Eskdale

Earlier in the week we had been asked if we could help out with 7 footbridge surveys in Eskdale. When we received them we found out they were in two close groups of 3&4. We parked up below Stanley Falls but headed east into the valley. The beautifully clear River Esk This is the first bridge, it serves little purpose as no water flows under it
Then the more impressive Girder bridge over The Esk
Is this really a bridge?, we checked the area & it was the closest thing we could find within the grid reference
Then we drove the short distance to the next four in Mitterdale
We think this is Cumbrian for "Head Right For Eskdale"
The next bridge, unusual as the handrails are metal
Heading further into the valley with Sca Fell in the distance
We then come to this derelict building which was once Bakerstead Outdoor Pursuits Centre
But it looks as if it may not be derelict for long as a track to give vehicular access to it is being built
It is quite a big building which is in excellent condition
The footbridge over The River Mite
These old farmhouses at Mitterdale Head have seen better days, that tree is growing out of the walls, looking like an aerial sticking from it
And the last one is a very old bridge, its a shame that the surface has been tarmaced

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