Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Volunteers Day at Ennerdale

Last Thursday we met at Ennerdale for a day with the volunteers and the Forestry Commission workers. Gareth giving us some info on the quality of the lake water and potential removal of some of the lake walls.
This farmhouse was originally used to smoke fish, hence the very large chimneys.
We then travelled further into the valley, this lightning strike had happened in the last week.
The cattle shouldnt be here, someone has left a gate open again.
We moved over to the south of the lake for a cup of tea and biscuits, this is a view we hadnt spotted before.
We then moved through the woods to look at the area that the cattle had been put into 5 years ago.
This is an area that had been fenced off to show the difference between where the cattle can roam and natural regrowth.
We walked up "the Side" to look at another area that was fenced off. Again this was views of the valley we hadnt seen before.
Looking up to Mart Knott.
All natural regrowth.
This tree outside the youth hostel is a Laburnum
We then went to Gillerthwaite youth hostel for lunch. This is a new poster showing the fells depicted in the 7 Wainwright books and the C2C route
Not a bad spot for lunch.
Nice view of Pillar.
After lunch we walked a short distance to look at some remains of houses that were there from at least 1430, but probably earlier.
Not to easy to spot as a lot of damage had been done by trees growing there.
Looking back down the valley and the posts in the foreground were removed by us earlier this year.
Gareth explained to us here the natural way the River Liza constantly changes course.
These pieces of wood were spotted and are to be reported to the park archaeologist as they were at least 4 foot under the bank and maybe of importance.
Typically clear water, it was very tempting to have a quick paddle.
Common orchid.
The last part of the day was to look in a field where 3500 Marsh Frittilary larva had been released some time ago. Some of the volunteers were quite excited by this.
About the best picture we got but this maybe a Common Fritillary.
A group picture, we had a very enjoyable and informative day. Many thanks to Gareth for organising the day.
A few days earlier we were back at the medieval houses near Smithy Beck that we cleared of vegetation and trees last year, this time we were brash clearing.

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