Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hawthorn Planting near Black Sail

Yesterday we were back in Ennerdale planting Hawthorn down the valley. We left our vehicles at Pillar Bridge & the forestry commission transported us further down the valley. Karen & Crag decided to walk down. It was a grey morning & the cloud was hanging eerily over Pillar. Looking back up up the valley with Anglers Crag in the distance And down the valley with Green Gable in the distance Zooming in on Green & Great Gable We reach the planting site which isn't that far from Black Sail Youth Hostel We are working on the slopes above the meandering River Liza As usual with the planting it is a bit of an obstacle course we are working on Looking up towards Scarth Gap These are the Hawthorn plugs we are planting, there are 20 per bundle Seat with High Crag behind
There were 5 volunteers & 2 staff & we planted 1,100 hawthorn plugs

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