Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Stanley Ghyll Footbridge Surveys

This afternoon we travelled to Eskdale to complete our 6monthly surveys of some of the bridges in Stanley Ghyll. We have had a lot of rain & heavy winds over the past week so when we arrived it was perhaps no surprise the rhododendrons had taken quite a battering Every tree had lost a lot of bloom A macro shot of a surviving flower The woodland floor was picturesque And the river was flowing well too We reach to first bridge & the problems we reported last year are still there There are some big trees upstream which if the river were to flood could cause damage to the bridge And this lower handrail is missing on the first section & loose on the second, this could be dangerous to a child The water tumbles through these rocks with another tree balancing precariously on one of them Plenty of water flowing down these rocks next to the second bridge After the third a quick check on how much is coming over Stanley Force And the lower part of the falls
Just one more bridge to survey in April one in Wasdale. We were on a work party yesterday in Ennerdale removing a fence, but due to the rain didn't take any pictures. Good weather forecast for the next couple of days so hopefully a day getting the veg garden ready for planting & a maybe a fell walk.

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