Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Fence Removal in Ennerdale

On Tuesday we were back on another work party continuing to remove the fences to allow the Galloway to roam more freely. I think they know what we were upto as some of them came over to inspect our work. This copse which has a small beck flowing through it is what we are trying to open up
This section has been finished, the forestry commission need to bring the quad bike over now to pull out the retaining posts. As you can see from someones discarded t-shirt it was a hot day.
This section just needs to be rolled up
Lunch time & Andy fires up the jet boil for a cup of tea
After lunch we set about finishing the last section, the cherry blossom is out
Finishing off the last bits
Crag takes a break
It's a bit early to call it a day so we cross the field to remove this short section
Dave hard at work, he's not stopping until he has this piece removed
Bernie & Andy roll up the fence
Low Gillerthwaite field centre with Starling Dodd behind

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