Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Today we took the dogs over to Ennerdale for a walk. We have had a lot of rain in the past week & last night a light dusting of snow on the higher fells, Red Pike & High Stile. The cattle were quite high of the banks of Caw Fell Starling Dodd The new bridge over Woundell Beck
Water was running everywhere
This is the bridge we built last year & it is the first time we have seen water flowing in the beck below it
No ice on High Beck today, but plenty of water
Moss covered stones & more water
Then walking back with Great Borne & Starling Dodd in the background
There are "new" ponds much to the dogs delight
The river must have got very high as you can see the tide mark either side of Irish Bridge

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cogra Moss

This morning we wanted to get the dogs out for a decent walk as the weather was due to change after lunch (as it has) & not be particularly good for the next few days. We decided to drive the short distance to Cogra Moss as we haven't walked there in nearly a year. A farmer & his dog working sheep on High Hows The path towards Cogra Moss with Knock Murton ahead Blake Fell & High Pen
Despite recent rains not much water coming over the dam, becoming the source of Rakegill Beck
We climb up beyond the lake
Had we decided to stay low we would be on the path at the bottom, however we are going up to reach the path below the tree line
A panorama from the top path
And then looking down on Cogra Moss
We do a wide loop high of the lake, Knock Murton from this angle
This shortly before we reach the weir & return to the car

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Yesterday we were on another work party at Ennerdale. We did do some work in the morning but managed not to take any pictures. We were removing fences near the Scout Camp, here we are enjoying lunch by the River Liza. After the nights rain there was plenty of water flowing through After lunch we spotted a buzzard in the trees
We then moved over to Crag Fell to check the birch we planted a few years ago & plant some more. One of the fixed points we needed to photograph was on the way so Karen stopped to take a couple of panoramas. The day had been good upto then but the cloud was starting to come in so they haven't come out that well, we will return on a sunny day to re-take these.
At the planting site Crag was being very helpful wanting sticks thrown
We checked that the original trees were alive & replaced the protector on those, the ones that hadn't survived were replaced & to show what needed doing we left the protectors at 90degrees to the stakes
It was described as looking a bit like a battlefield with the crosses
On Monday we went for a walk at Ennerdale with the dogs, it wasn't the greatest weather so just a few pictures.
The Galloway were resting just inside the forest, for such big animals they could be quite threatening, but they don't ever seem to be bothered by humans or dogs
A rare shot of Crag in the water & Bess on the path
Normality has been restored
It was about 6degrees when we left the car, but felt colder up the valley, this was proven by the ice that still remains on High Beck
Lunch was at Pillar Bridge