Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wild Ennerdale Workparty

Today we were back in Ennerdale for our first work party of the year. Our job was to clear brash & logs from the path along the Liza that had been chopped down last week by the forestry commission Crag helpfully wanted the stick thrown most of the time, to the right you can see the piles of brash that had to be moved into the forest Andy returning from one of the many piles we created And of course throwing the stick There were eight volunteers on the work party, but there was plenty to do
And once it has been cleared the path has really been opened up
It broke Andys heart to leave this wood, but the area is inaccessible to get a vehicle close
Another brash pile
It is a beautiful setting here by the river
Karen moving some logs
Dave one of the volunteers
Bait time on the river bank
Crag is not interested in the food, he just wants to play in the river
Bernie is somewhere behind there
John throwing the stick for Crag
We completed all the work that had been left for us so Chris set about with the chainsaw clearing the next section
Whilst the volunteers clear the debris
Good to be back working in the valley again