Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowy Oxfordshire

Yesterday we travelled south to spend Christmas with Karen's parents in Oxfordshire. It was an interesting journey with temperatures as low as -12c in northern Britain & with the roads covered in salt & the sun very low & bright it made keeping the windscreen clean a constant challenge. Below Manchester we entered cloud & once at Birmingham we could start to see just how much more snow the southern part of the country has had. This is the view this morning in the back garden where it is just starting to snow again It is just above zero here so these icicles are slowly melting At the front the roads are packed with snow And you can see from our car that more has fallen since we arrived
Karen's brother Adrian & partner David are back over here from Canada for a few weeks. We went for a walk today at Bure Park
As you can see it is a winter wonderland here
A proper whiteout
The dogs as always loving it
Andy & Adrian at one of the bridges over the River Bure
Walking along one of the many tracks here
The river (stream) again
And clinging to the trees

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