Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Having had a few grey days in Bicester, Christmas Day dawned bright & sunny. Andy broke off some of the larger icicles as we were worried in the sun they could fall on one of the dogs. However Crag thought they were just great big ice cubes to be eaten
But soon it was time to come in & open the presents
Lots of new toys to play with
We then headed over to the local park to give the dogs a run
Playing with the new frisbee rings
A short clip chasing around
Anne & Ian
The snow clung onto the greenhouse - just
Christmas Dinner
Andy preparing the dogs dinner too
Turkey, roasties, veg & a little dog food (don't forget the gravy)
Tucking in
Pudding time for us
We had a lovely time & a massive thanks to Anne & Ian for all their efforts & cooking over the period we were there, it was quite a shock to come home & have to fend for ourselves.
On Christmas Eve we headed back over to Bure Park
Karen, Andy, Ian, Adrian & David
Karen, Andy, Ian, Anne & Adrian
Christmas Eve dinner
And some of Anne's pictures when the snow first fell in Bicester
One of the longer icicles

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