Monday, October 25, 2010

Footbridge Surveys on the Bootle / Whicham Border

Today after another frosty start (it got down to -0.9 last night) we set off to Bootle to survey 7 bridges along the River Annas, the river in parts forms the boundary between the two parishes. The first one was a grand old bridge just outside Bootle on a tributary to the river Difficult to spot the next one, it is just to the left of Karen's shadow Then just beyond Barfield this one And then this one
We cross under the railway just after two engines make their way over the bridge
Sorry another bridge!
Black Combe
Some locals on the other river bank are interested in what we are up to
The penultimate bridge this one is over the River Annas
Looking up the river with Black Combe in the distance
The last bridge of the day before we turn back & retrace our steps
We spot this interesting dead tree on the way back
We had laughed at this sign as we walked out of Bootle
I know this is south of us but Palm Trees?
We just have four more bridges to survey now which can all be done together & that is them all complete for this year. Good job as we have just been asked to help with the Eskdale footpath surveys along with wildlife cameras & 50 different location photographs in Ennerdale. We have plenty to keep us busy, lets hope the weather stays this good.

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