Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crummock Water Signpost Removal

Today we were back at Crummock Water removing the signs & posts we had put up a few months ago as the legal time had now passed for them to stay up. We woke up to a beautiful day but accompanied by our first frost of this winter Looking down Crummock Water from the footpath from Buttermere to Scale Bridge We both have our large rucksacks on as we need to bring back 5 fence posts High Snockrigg
Scale Island, perched on the branch at the right is a cormorant waiting for a fish to appear
This holly bush is in full bloom
The dogs straight into Crummock Water
We decide to remove the posts as we go & then collect them on our way back maybe to give them a slight chance of drying out
Grasmoor with Whiteside behind
Towards the end of the lake, Whiteside again. You can't beat a day like this for the sky reflecting in the lake
Grasmoor looking foreboding across the lake
We have collected the first post now & are on our way back, Rannerdale Knotts the lower fell as it falls away to the lake
This steep bank is one we have climbed up twice before doing the reverse route, today it's down. Bess doesn't tend to go too far from us, but Crag is already in the lake
Whiteside & the far end of the lake
Low Ling Crag stretching out into the water, our lunch spot again today with Fleetwith Pike in the distance
Anyone who knows Bess will know she spent our lunch break scrounging, Crag however had more important things to do - chase the waves
Just as we finished our lunch a tornado flypast, our second low jet of the day in the valley
Back at the sign Andy pulled out earlier & some kind walker has put it back in the ground!
A panorama of the valley
We have had white stuff on the ground, holly & now a robin are you sure this is not the Christmas post?
We have one more post to collect from Cat Bells (thank you Bernie for collecting the rest) & job done, it was hard work carrying that lot back.

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