Thursday, September 02, 2010

Waberthwaite Surveys DONE

This week we have focused on finishing the remaining Waberthwaite footpath surveys & completed them today. They have been pretty poor as most of them were low level with no great views & so many of the paths are either very overgrown or have obstructions (either man made or lively cattle) One of the best views is looking towards the Eskdale fells All well so far Until we find this by the house in the previous picture. The footpath links to the road through these nettles & barbed wire all over the gate even if you brave them
We go off path & find a gate in the field we can access the track by. Next path & this gate is tied shut, but too flimsy to climb, we decide not to & check it out from the other end
The ruins at How End on the Corney Fell Road
And looking down on the Eskmeals viaduct
Today just the one picture another typical path, nettles & brambles, we get through that to be greeted with an electric fence across the path.
We are very glad to have finished them & wont be volunteering for the low level southern parishes again, not only is it frustrating to come across paths in this disrepair in many cases we have been forced to walk along the A595 to get back to the car when we have planned a good circular walk that would avoid it.

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