Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Crown Onion Club Showday

Yesterday was showday for the onions at The Crown & we were entering it for the first time. The seven best onions had been drying out on the spare bed for 5 weeks with us turning them 1/4 each day & standing them up on the fifth to dry them out evenly! We had two lots of three that looked similar we just had to decide which ones to show.
Once we had decided we had to tie them off with raffia & tidy the tops off
There are seventeen members in the club, here are all the three of a kind onions on show
There is also an ugliest onion competition
And the heaviest onion, we had one big one still in the ground, but didn't think it was quite big enough to show
The judges took over 2hours to decide the results and we were really chuffed with 4th place, it was far better than we had expected After the prize giving the onions are auctioned off, Allan sporting one he won!
It was a really good day & we have a lot to live upto next year

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Anne&Ian said...

Congratulations! So all the tlc paid off.
A and I